Vendor Update & Payment Deadline

Happy New Years!
We hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season and was gifted ALL the yarn and fibre!

Happy with all the yarn gifts, but really in need of a cable needle that won’t break when you use it!

I have been busy spinning and knitting up a storm over here! Including a final knitted gift that I completed two hours before I had to gift it! Anyone else feeling that kind of pressure? (Okay I will also admit that one gift had to be a Hat IOU because apparently I just don’t knit as fast as I thought!)

As we sit on the eve of 2020, I just wanted to take a moment and update all our amazing applicants for the Hamilton Fibre Market.
Over 50 vendors are interested in joining us! We are so happy and humbled by your interest and support!

It has been brought to our attention that our applications state payment is due by January 1, 2020. PLEASE NOTE that this is an error as we haven’t sent out confirmations yet! So payment is somewhat not possible at this point. 🙂

We will be meeting within the next week or so and at that point we will be emailing out confirmations as well as a new deadline for payments.

In the meantime, we will you all the best for the new year and thank you for your patience!


….now where did we hide all the leftover cookies???

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