Hamilton Fibre Market – Postponed until May 31, 2020


To Our Fibre Community,

This post is to inform you of the difficult decision we have made to postpone the Hamilton Fibre Market. In light of the rapidly changing COVID-19 global situation, we believe it is the socially responsible decision to make.

The committee discussed and agonized over this decision at great length over the last two days but given the situation, we have decided to act in what we perceive to be in the best interests of our vendors and our community at large.


With huge thanks to the Cotton Factory, we are ableto announce a POSTPONEMENT and not a cancellation. We are pleased to let you know that the Hamilton Fibre Marketwill now take place May 31, 2020 in the same location, the Cotton Factory in Hamilton ON.

We know that this may not work for all our vendors and attendees but please know we are doing our best and we hope to see most of you in a couple of months.

We have received an outstanding response to our social media campaign and we know that both our vendors and our customer base are as disappointed as we are about this situation.


We will definitely be using the additional two months to keep the excitement up and get the word out even further!

We truly hope that all of you will want to and will be able to attend on the new date of May 31, 2020. 

We are so sorry that the event will not take place as planned, we know that this decision has a huge impact on everyone but we really feel this was the best decision to make with the information we have.

Speaking of impact, we are going to continue to post on social media, sharing our vendors products and posts, and we encourage all those who were planning to attend the event to visit their online shops and websites! Many of our vendors have put a lot of time and money into preparing for the Hamilton Fibre Market as well as numerous other events that have been cancelled or postponed, so we encourage our attendees to continue with their planned purchases online! Check our vendor page over the coming days for updated links to their websites and shops, as well, follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for vendor info.

Thank you so much for the support that we have already received! Many vendors have already said they will be joining us on May 31 and we are so appreciative!! This fibre community is absolutely amazing!

Your Hamilton Fibre Forge Committee,
Mel, Amanda and Lorraine

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